The Roadhouse Brick Oven Pizza in Riverhead, NY

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The Roadhouse Brick Oven Pizza in Riverhead, NY

Posted By: Jake
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Although we do not go out to Riverhead that often, I had to return something at the outlets with my family. One of my friends parents overhead me the previous day saying that I was heading out to Riverhead and said I should try The Original Roadhouse Brick Oven Pizza located on West Main Street. We happened to pass by this absolutely adorable pizzeria, and pulled in to check out if the pizza was any good.

The Original Roadhouse Pizza is in a building reminiscent of a place you would get some good German Food.  It had a sort of dollhouse feel to it, and as we pulled into the parking spot we noticed such a cute outdoor seating area to our right. There was even the Peconic River behind that. Needless to say, my first impression was a happy one.


Since the Pizza Expert likes us to review the pizza and not the outside tables and facade of the establishment, I knew I had to get down to brass tacks and go order a slice. Upon entering the Original Roadhouse Pizza I noticed a really well kept and clean glass display case which held some good looking pizzas. They  had a handful of tables (probably a dozen) situated in the place and I couldn't tell if they were equally as proud to serve Boar's Head meat as they were pizza. I should also note that the interior had a log cabin feel and had license plates hanging on the walls.

I ordered a regular slice and my brother got an eggplant ricotta slice which you can see above. The eggplant slice was extremely thick and amazingly filling. The crust tasted nice and crisp and the sauce was decent. Really nothing to write home about, but enough to write here about (LOL).

The regular slice was thin but the cheese was a bit salty. The crust was quite crisp and had a good taste to it. Just overall the slice was "ehh". I didn't totally dislike it, but in my opinion, I have definitely had better slices in Eastern Long Island.

They had an excellent variety of slices and soups here. I would say the best part of the slices was the crust. It was nice a tasty. The Original Roadhouse Pizza in Riverhead wasn't one of my favorite pizza slices I have had, but my brother enjoyed his specialty slice so it is highly likely we will return. This place is really a pleasant way to enjoy a lunch on a nice day out. The scenery is one of the finest for a pizzeria in Long Island.

The Original Brickoven Pizza in Riverhead gets 4 out of 8 slices, but I am going back for the cuteness of the location regardless.

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  • 1111 W Main St, Riverhead, NY 11901