The Big Tomato Pizza Miami is Considered Gourmet?

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The Big Tomato Pizza Miami is Considered Gourmet?

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big_tomato.jpgthe_big_tomato.jpgIf there is one thing I should have learned by now, it is never to leave the ordering of pizza to a non-expert.  That is exactly what happened on Saturday night when we went down to see some friends in Miami.  They ordered the pizza from The Big Tomato on 12447 S. Dixie Hwy 305.233.3344.  The host explained to me that the Miami Herald and New Times have praised this place and that I had to try it.  This is a reminder to everyone:  there is no reason to ever listen to a reviewer who has no pizza taste buds.  Many of the periodicals that claim to have food reviewers are just reviewing the place cause they paid to advertise in that publication.

That is not how we operate here.  We give full unbiased opinions about places, so you know where and where not to eat pizza.  When The Big Tomato Pizza arrived it appeard weird since they didn't really come in boxes, but in paper bags.  They sent mini pies that look decent, with cheese pouring over the edges.  Upon my first bite, I could taste the sub-par ingredients.  Don't get me wrong, I would order this ahead of Papa Johns or Domino's anyday, but unfortunately I have to classify this pizza with the likes of Pizza Hut etc.  From what I understand, when you order them hot at the location they taste much better, which is normally the case with all pizza's.  So before I just totally bash them, I will wait until I can eat it fresh.

The cheese, tasted rubbery, but might have been good hot.  The sauce I didn't really care for, and what little they used I tried to wipe off.  The crust was shockingly decent, and has potential.  We will see during my in store visit!

The Big Tomato Pizza in Miami gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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