Taormina Ristorante Pizza Commack, NY

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Taormina Ristorante Pizza Commack, NY

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It was a dreary and cold, overcast kind of day. Nobody could decide what to do, so we just hopped into the truck and drove around a bit looking at different neighborhoods around the Commack area of Long Island. My hosts suggested we tried out Taormina Pizza in Commack and see if they were any good, since their friends had told them they enjoy eating dinner there from time to time. Since I wasn't overly impressed with Emilo's Pizza nearby, I was excited to see if I could find another place to frequent when in the area.

Taormina Pizza had a front ordering area and a restaurant in the back, which seemed to be packed with folks from a funeral. Since we couldn't find a spot to eat up front, we asked if we could just order our slices and sit in the back without the nuisance of having a server. The staff was quite accommodating and told us if we found a spot, to just take it.


I got one regular slice, a Sicilian slice, and some garlic knots with a soda.They all came out at the same time. I first bit into the Sicilian slice from Taormina (very hard to remember this name) and was impressed. Although this wasn't the perfect slice I was seeking, it was still pretty good. The crust was cooked perfectly and had a decent taste. The sauce wasn't applied to heavily under the generous amount of cheese they used. I would say the thing I didn't really like, was the after taste of the cheese. There was just something a little off about it.


My favorite aspect of this Sicilian slice was the size. Take a look at it.


The regular slice was thin, and a nice size. My first impression of this slice of pizza at Taormina in Commack was a very nice one. It appeared the pizza maker actually took pride in the pies he served. When I glanced over to my friends slice, I noticed there was an uncooked glob of cheese on his slice. He didn't seem to mind it but I wouldn't have personally served a slice like this to a customer. My slice was tasty and held up nicely when I brought it to my mouth. My first bite of this regular slice was very good, and I actually liked it better than the Sicilian, which is odd for me. The sauce was smooth and was applied with the perfect sauce:cheese ratio.


Taormina Pizza in Commack is definitely a place I would return to again when in the area. I probably wouldn't get the garlic knots next time, but we aren't focusing on those on this pizza review website.

Taormina Pizza in Commack gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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