Table 42 Pizza – Where Coal Mine Used To Be

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Table 42 Pizza – Where Coal Mine Used To Be

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table42pizza.jpgtable42_oven.jpgWe were personally invited to try the new Table 42 that recently took the place of Coal Mine Pizza in downtown Boca Raton.  Although Table 42 still has the same owners and managers, they decided to give the place a face-lift and change the menu around.  Table 42 was named after one of the tables in the corner as you enter.  Now table 42 is a huge living room style table that can comfortably accommodate up to 16.

Immediately upon entering Table 42, my eyes were drawn to this beautiful white marble coal burning pizza oven.  Previously Coal Mine Pizza had a brick facade around their oven, and this subtle change added some modern flair to the restaurant.

I sat down with our gracious host, Steve Lieber, the Director of Operations for GR Restaurant Management Group and asked him a few questions about the new place.  Many of you might know, that during the Orlando Pizza Show, we were part of the judging panel which gave Steve and his other restaurant Racks the esteemed Best Pizza award.  Steve is a Team Member of the World Pizza Champions, and Certified Pizza Maker from the International School of Pizza.  After winning the Best Pizza award in Orlando, Steve is also an honorary member of the US Pizza Team as well.

During my talk with him, Steve informed me that their pizza dough was made two days ago and taken out of the fridge for three hours before using.  He even took me to the ovens to show me how they "dome" the pie before taking it out.  Doming is when you hold the pizza up in the oven real close to the fire to make it sizzle on top.

After speaking with Steve I sat down back at the table with Dori, Matt, and Bruce to wait for our pies.  During our wait, the server brought us some bread, which was oily and delicious.  Since there were only 4 pieces of this pita like bread, I asked if we could have some more.  The server explained that there is an additional charge of $3.00 for more bread.  $3.00!!!! For 4 pieces of cut pita style bread?  I was pretty upset by the pricing, and the fact it wasn't just provided on tables for free. Considering the oddly shaped rustic looking pie that was about to arrive on the table cost a bit much already at $13.00.  It is almost enough for one, or possibly two people if not that hungry.

Anyways.....back to the taste of the pizza.  The pizza wasn't anything amazing here.  Although it looked unique (very similar to South Brooklyn Pizza style) and had some scrumptious Grana Padana cheese sprinkled on top of it, as well as some Peccorino Romano, it wasn't that much different of a taste then Coal Mine.  This isn't a bad thing, since I found Coal Mine to personally be well above par compared to other places.  Other than the shape, it almost tasted the same, with a new ambiance.  The Vic & Angelo's style menus, displayed some new pizzas, including Spicy Pesto and Farm Tomato pies, but I was hoping for a completely new experience.

Table 42 gets 5 out of 8 slices.  I would go back to try some of the pastas, since the atmosphere was pretty cool. And while I am there, it is probable I will order another pie to try.

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