Steve’s Pizza Cooper City, FL

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Steve’s Pizza Cooper City, FL

Posted By: Melissa
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Ever since I can remember, I have always liked pizza. I could seriously have pizza every day, very much the same as Pizza Expert and many of the other reviewers here on WorstPizza. When I moved offices from Plantation to Cooper City, I discovered this little pizza place right next door called Steve’s Pizza. It is a very small place with only 2 tables inside. Most people order their pizzas and pick them up. Steve and her sister moved from New York and opened up their own pizzeria many years ago (not sure how many but it was more than 15 years ago based on the picture they have hanging on the wall).

It has always been a family place. You will often see Steve, his sister, or even brother in law making the pizzas here. It is always a good sign when the family is as involved as they are. Unfortunately, Steve passed away last year at a young age, but his sister and brother in law are still working at this pizza place. I believe when Steve's Pizza opened in this Cooper City location, they were owned by the same original owners as the Steve's Pizza in North Miami, but have sold to the people who provided me with the pizza on this day.

The pizza at Steve's Pizza in Cooper City was very tasty. They use a kind of sweet sauce recipe over a thin crust pie…yum! Then they also add some spices and herbs to it which made the difference to me when I first tasted it. Rich flavor…wonderful taste! Steve's Pizza has managed the art of the crust. The crust was crisp, held up, and tasted great. It goes to show that you don't have to go all the way to New York to find a good slice down these ways.

I will give Steve’s Pizza in Cooper City  a 6 out of 8 slice ranking.


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