Squiggy’s NY Style Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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Squiggy’s NY Style Pizza Fort Lauderdale

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squiqqys.jpgSquiggy's is a place I have never eaten at before, and I am pretty upset that I never tried it. If you are downtown and have a choice of where to eat late night, you should choose this place.
Squiggy's is located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, near all the bars just to the west of the train tracks. It is in walking distance to RiverWalk, and certainly a place you should try out. Upon entering this run down, hole-in-the-wall style pizza place, we were greeted by a friendly guy behind the counter. The place reminded me of a city style pizzeria, combined with a sauna. As you probably guessed, the a/c works about as well as most racing horses, without whips. The a/c also seemed to work as well as the person who cleans this place at night. Squiggy's needs a good disinfecting cleaning.

Although it was excessively hot inside, the pizza looked amazingly edible. My buddy and I each ordered one slice and we sat down as close to the door as possible. We actually wanted to sit outside, but there were no chairs. Never in my life did I think that eating in 97 degree heat outside would be better then sitting inside Squiggy's Pizza place.

You are probably thinking by now, that based upon the filth and lack of air conditioning that I would hate this pizza place and rip it apart. The taste of the pizza made it relatively impossible for me to bash though. This pizza was really good. It was greasy, it was crispy, and it was sizzling hot. I was so in the mood for a greasy slice at that moment, and Squiggy's was perfect tasting for my needs at the time. Their sauce was nice smooth, and sweet. Almost as sweet as some of the young ladies who frequent downtown Ft. Lauderdale on most nights, but without the attitudes. The cheesy was gooey and falling off the edges, and tasted great. Their crust was crisp, and tasted like a good quality slice should taste. I know I complain from time to time about places claiming they are NY Style pizza places. If there was a place that could make this claim, then Squiggy's would be it. I will leave it at that.

Squiggy's NY Style Pizza in Fort Lauderdale gets 6 out of 8 slice.

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