Speranza Pizza Boca Raton – Brazilian Pizza

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Speranza Pizza Boca Raton – Brazilian Pizza

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A place recently opened up in East Boca Raton, called Speranza Pizza, or La Speranza Pizza, I see it spelled differently from time to time by Federal Hwy, and Palmetto Part Road. You guessed it, right across the street from Tucci's Pizza.

I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of advertising I saw around town from them, including an invite directly to me, to come try their pizza and review it. Seems like they really had plans for this place to become a pizza contender in the area.

Speranza is a pizza place that comes from Brazil, apparently Sao Paulo when I googled it. Not sure that we needed a Brazilian style pizza place in Boca Raton, but the owners figured they would give it a go. Many things were stacked against them though, and I wish they would have spoken with us prior to opening there. You see, this shopping center has limited parking, and you cannot park on either Federal Hwy (US-1) or Palmetto. In order to find parking you have to pass the place then head north on Palmetto to turn again by Mizner, only to turn onto 1st, and then hope you see the parking lot before heading back onto Palmetto. Another thing stacked against them is that cars are flying down Palmetto and it is hard to see their sign when you pass it, unless you are in the proper position at the light. Lastly, they are located within steps to one of the best pizza places in the country...Tucci's.

Ryan and I met up to try this place out, and see if it would be good. We truly were hoping it would be decent since it appears to be a family run establishment. Our waiter was incredible, he made us laugh and was very knowledgeable about the menu.We ordered just a plain pie.

When the pizza came it looked great when originally served. My photos do not do justice, it was a beautiful pizza. When I lifted the first slice up I was not sure where the flour ended and the pizza began. You can see this in the photo above. My first bite confirmed that there was a light amount of sauce applied, they should follow suit with their flour instead of applying tons of it. The slice was not crsipy at all and had this kind of strange aftertaste that I cannot describe. It wasn't an awful taste, but something I wasn't used to. The crust was lacking some flavor, but I think this was due to all the flour I was tasting.

The pizza was quite oily, and I was a little upset with the size of the pie for the price. It seems like they could make the pizza better, and it wouldn't be hard to do. Simply use less flour, leave the pizza cooking in the oven longer, spin it regularly, add a tiny bit more sauce and make it appear a little bigger.

Speranza I would personally focus on being an Italian Restaurant instead of a pizzeria since the competition is so steep less then a minute walk away, but that is just one pizza experts opinion.

I will be going back to try Speranza Pizza in Boca Raton in the near future, just to see if they were having growing pains at the time I initially went there. I suggest you all give it a try as well since maybe it was an off day when I tried it. We wish them success and hope any local pizza shop that opens has a fair shot of staying in business. Speranza would have been better suited out in West Boca in my opinion.

Speranza Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices. It was average pizza, not bad, but not amazing either.

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