Spadini’s Pizza Boca Raton, Mizner Park

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Spadini’s Pizza Boca Raton, Mizner Park

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It didn't take long for Mizner Park Pizza to wave the white flag, and sell the pizzeria. The previous owner Mike was a nice enough guy, but just didn't seem to possess all the necessary skills for running a pizza joint in such a competitive area. For those who ate there a few times, it was pretty evident that the place probably didn't have long to survive.

A couple of months ago I heard the location was for sale in Boca Raton, but wondered who would buy this doomed spot, and if they would continue offering average pizza at hefty prices and hope to take away business from the other half dozen or so pizzerias located in the immediate area. Well my questions were answered when Spadini's Pizza opened up shop and decided to try to make this a profitable location for a change.


My friend Elaine first made me aware of Spadini's Pizza in Boca Raton through a Facebook post. Since I hadn't been out east to try this new pizza place, I wondered if anyone else did. Matt's Pizza here on the site, was the first to test it out. Matt is quite harsh on pizza so I knew if he liked it, it would would worth the try. Low and behold, Matt didn't hate it. That is usually a very good sign.


Went there alone the first time so that I didn't have any distractions while I ate. I entered the pizzeria which seemed a lot cleaner and organized than it had in the past. I have been back several times to say the least since then. The first pizza owners in this plaza suffered a tragedy and sold to another pizzeria named Casino's Pizza, who seemed to close after a couple of weeks, only to be reopened by Mizner Pizza which allowed people to write on the walls so it always looked dirtier than it should. Now Spadini's repainted the walls and started shifting things around in a better way. I approached the counter and found a pizza maker full of tattoo's. The counter had what appeared to be a nice looking Sicilian Pie and a big size regular pie laying within a glass enclosure. I ordered one of each and looked around a bit more.


Spadini's Pizza still has that cheap looking soda fountain in the place like Mizner Pizza had before it. I asked the tattoo guy behind the counter, who turned out to be the new own Tom Sellick, why he didn't change it to a name brand. He explained to me that he wished he could, but since he is still under contract with them, he has to wait.


My slices came out and I couldn't wait to eat them. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that Tom has the full faith and confidence in his customers to actually order their own slices and bring them to their tables, without the nuisance of some server having to do it for them. While walking away I noticed Tom making garlic knots. Yes, garlic knots, not rolls Suzanne. Obviously I had to order some, so I asked for a half dozen. By the way, the owner here Tom Sellick has a tattoo that is worth going in to see! As a matter of fact I will post it below. The garlic knots were amazing. I am salivating for them as I type this review. If you get them, make sure they are fresh out of the oven for the true experience.


My first bite into the Sicilian slice was great. The bottom crust was crisp, the inside soft and airy, and it had a nice taste to it. The sauce applied lightly above the top part of the dough was sweet and smooth. No lumps, and no need for me to napkin any off. The cheese tasted like a quality blend. After tasting this slice, I asked the owner Tom if he was from Long Island? He said yes and asked why. I explained this pizza reminds me of the type of quality slice I used to get back home, and I could tell he was trained properly. He seemed to really enjoy the fact that someone noticed the TLC he put into the pie.


The regular slice was equally as good and was crisp, thin, and tasty. The slice was a nice size, but I wasn't overly impressed with the price. Like most places down here in South Florida, over $2.50 for a slice is just too much. Spadini's does have a lunch special though, 2 slices and a soda for $5.50, and Wednesday pizza pies for $8.00, so I cannot complain much about that. Actually it is probably one of the best pies around Boca Raton for that price on Wednesday's.


Spadini's Pizza is definitely a place I am happy to have in Boca Raton. The owner takes pride in the pizza he serves, and is a humble and lovable type of guy. It is the type of place those of us from Long Island would love to go into. You know, the pizza place where the guy actually knew your name and offered you a garlic knot while you waited for your pizza to come out of the oven. Spadini's is a little taste of home for us transplants. You should definitely go and try this pizza place out.

Spadini's Pizza in Boca Raton also knows you  can actually order your slices and bring them from the counter to your seat, and does without the moronic need of a server to get in the way. Pizza lovers rejoice!

Spadini's Pizza gets 7 out of 8 slices. The Sicilian is one of the better slices around South Florida.

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