Slice Pizza Fort Lauderdale – New Owners

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Slice Pizza Fort Lauderdale – New Owners

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since the owner overcharged me for an item we didn't have and didn't honor the 15% off coupon.Recently I heard the place sold, and I was pretty happy to hear this. The previous owner was not a people person, and there wasn't a time I went there that he didn't try to over charge me for something. Whether it was a topping I didn't have, or not automatically give me a special during the proper hours, I always found a discrepency. Many others wrote to me asking why he ran his business this way. So I know I was not targeted, as I think I had about a half dozen or so customers send us messages asking us to review this place since they were overcharged and didn't realize it until they got home.

It was for this obvious reason, the owner of Slice in Fort Lauderdale probably started to lose customers, and ultimately sold. I look forward to trying out the new owners pizza. The previous owner of Slice in Fort Lauderdale happend to make a decent Upside Down pie, which made it harder for me to dislike his ownership style, since I sometimes wanted to eat it. Plus the pizza maker and owners wife were awesome to deal with. They always had smiles on their faces, and more then happy to assist you if you needed help. It was just the owner himself that made me feel unwelcome there, and seemed very unappreciative of his customers.

We wish the new owners a huge amount of success and hope they can continue where Slice left off, and just provide a little better customer service to the patrons, and not try to get over on them. You are in a good downtown location, near plenty of office buildings. Don't take your customers for granted. Give them good food at a decent price, and you will be around for many years.

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