Slice N Ice Pizza Coconut Grove Miami

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Slice N Ice Pizza Coconut Grove Miami

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Slice n ice is this little inconspicuous establishment located as you drive towards coconut grove from us1. I must have passed the place dozens of time not even realizing it was a local favorite before getting all the feedback from our readers. Slice n ice is a walk up pizza joint, with no tables, no parking, no menu and no shortage of great pizza!
I ordered up a couple of slices and waited patiently for them to arrive, enjoying the beautiful Miami night, which surprisingly had a breeze.  The pleasant girl behind the counter asked me if it was to stay or go, and I said I will stay, where do I sit.  She comically pointed to the counter to the right of me where I was standing.  So, note readers, there are no tables.
While I was waiting, I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of business Slice n' Ice does. They have a pretty amazing amount of foot traffic, considering parking sucks, and they have no seats.  The slices came out, and it became immediately evident that this would be a damn good slice of pizza. It smelled good, my hand was burning from underneath the paper plate, and the slice was firm.  It reminded me of a pizza place my grandfather used to take me to near the subway in upper manhattan as a child.
Although their sauce could have had a bit more taste to it, Slice & Ice (purposely spelled different again, since they seem to use many variations on the spelling of the name) had a pretty incredible slice of pizza.  I encourage any New Yorker to go there, close their eyes... take a bite and tell me that the pizza in Miami is so terrible compared to the slices they get up in New York.  If they say Florida pizza slices still suck, then they don't know pizza anyways.  The cheese was delicious, the crust was firm, crisp, and tasty.  The sauce was lightly applied, but still could use a bit more flavor.
Definitely worth a try if you are in the Miami area and looking for a good slice.  Personally I would choose Slice n Ice over Casolas and Miami's Best Pizza.  Alisha and Claudio, I gotta hand it to you, you officially proved you know pizza to me!
Slice N' Ice gets 7 out of 8 slices.

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