Sir Pizza Key Biscayne, Miami

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Sir Pizza Key Biscayne, Miami

Posted By: Herb
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While down in Key Biscayne for the New Years holiday, I decided to venture away from our hotel, to try some of the local places that would be open on New Years Day. We stumbled upon Sir Pizza not to far from our accommodations, and although there was a heck of a line, we decided to go in and check it out. I couldn't be sure if this was busy because it was one of the few places open, or there were so many tourists in town. Turns out the crazy long line is something that Sir Pizza in Key Biscayne regularly has. Sir Pizza is quite popular amongst the locals who live in this section of paradise.

Once inside Sir Pizza, I noticed that they appear to be using one of those cheapy conveyor belt oven contraptions, you know the kind you find at a Pizza Hut and the like. Not something you would find at a local mom and pop pizza place. So between the line, and the look of the oven, it should have been enough to make me turn around and go across the street to the other pizza place in this section of Key Biscayne, which was completely empty.

Don't expect much in the way of decor when you enter Sir Pizza, it is quite cheesy for lack of a better word. It is almost reminiscent of a Papa John's actually, which surprises me with the way people just keep coming in to eat here. We ordered a large pie at $14.95 and we were impressed with the speed that our pizza was ready. They certainly have mastered the art of moving pies and customers.

When I got my pizza, Sir Pizza was still rocking. The pizza had no crust so to say, and it was cut into squares. I guess this is their way of being different, or maybe their pizza makers never learned how to cut things into eight, so they just play it safe and have them make lines all across.  The pie was thin, and I liked watching them spread the sauce on with a knife, like someone would spread peanut butter on bread. Some people even at their pies with ranch sauce. The sauce was tasty on top of the thin tasting crust, which although wasn't entirely tasty, still was pretty good. The cheese tasted average, so I cannot say it was the best or the worst for that matter.

Sir Pizza in Key Biscayne is cafeteria style seating, and since there was only one table open when I got my pie, I suggest you have someone grab a table while you wait for your pizza to come out of the oven. This was not your usual pizza.

Incidentally the Stromboli was excellent and at $7.95 it was a good deal.

Sir Pizza in Key Biscayne gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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