Setauket Pastaria Pizza Setauket, Long Island

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Setauket Pastaria Pizza Setauket, Long Island

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My sister was hungry in the afternoon and she took me to a place that has some amazing midday specials. Setauket Pastaria is located in the Kohl's shopping center in Setauket Long Island. The pizza didn't look exceptional in the case, but I figured I would take a chance and try a slice to see if it could compete with some of the amazing pizza places located within a 10 mile vicinity. Setauket Pastaria has a cute ambiance, and warm feeling when you eat in their restaurant area, so if you are into that sort of stuff, you would enjoy your dining experience.

When the slice came out of the oven, it became evident that their ovens do not cook properly.  The front of the pie was burnt, mid section undercooked, and the outer crust was almost burnt. The main crust was a bit too puffy for the thinness of the actual slice. Appearances could be deceiving sometimes, so I was hoping this was the case here. Only my first bite would reveal the truth...

The pizza didn't taste half bad. Once I got past the taste of the charred and burnt crust, I could tell that they had a sweet sauce and some quality cheese.  The crust really was hard to judge since it was so inconsistent in both size, and consistency. I didn't want to chance it with another slice to see if they just made an error on this one, so I will have to go back in the future and see if they screw up cooking all slices.

Setauket Pizza is not a place I would purposly avoid, but it isn't a place I would crave to go back to.

Setauket Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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