Scott’s Pizza Tour Deal Today

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Scott’s Pizza Tour Deal Today

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If you live in New York City, or have plans to visit sometime before mid-November, you might want to check out the deal being offered today by the deal-a-day website A three-hour historic pizza walk through Lower Manhattan, courtesy of one of our advertisers here, Scott’s Pizza Tours (located at 53 Spring St. in Manhattan), for $15—half off the normal $30 price.


Enjoy a historic perspective on the ultimate staple of city dining as you are guided by a Certified Pizza Enthusiast through Little Italy and Greenwich Village, stopping for slices at three of the most illustrious pizzerias in town. Scott’s tour guides are serious about pizza, as evidenced by their awesome pizza blog and these pizza tour photos. Also included in the tour is your own personal pizza survival kit (a pizza journal and goody bag). But if it’s oodles of toppings you’re after, be forewarned: This guy keep it simple. As we all know, the cheese stands alone.

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