Sbarro Pizza Is Preparing For Bankruptcy

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Sbarro Pizza Is Preparing For Bankruptcy

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This shouldn't shock anyone who has had their pizza in the malls recently, but according to the Wall Street Journal, the fast-food pizza chain Sbarro Inc may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as soon as next week,

Sbarro  is supposedly in talks with a group of hedge funds holding its senior debt to provide about $35 million in so-called debtor-in-possession financing to help keep the chain operating in bankruptcy, the Journal said.

A Sbarro representative was not immediately available for comment, although I will keep trying to get someone. Many are familiar with Sbarro, and for those from Long Island, you will remember how Sbarro took over many Umberto's locations. They then named them Mama Sbarro's, and later ended up selling them back to Umberto's. It was hard to miss Sbarro Corporate building in Melville as you passed by it, and they had a huge presence for a while. Personally I always questioned how people could even eat their pies.

Sbarro is not alone in going Bankrupt, recently we have seen plenty of other establishments go under, including Fuddruckers and Charlie Brown's Steakhouse. My parents loved Charlie Brown's and the place always seemed packed, so I am amazed they went under.

You can only serve crappy pizza at excessive prices for so long! Just look at the photo $3.38 for a sub-par slice.


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