San Marzano Pizza Merrick, NY

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San Marzano Pizza Merrick, NY

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Although I have posted many reviews since the last pizza tour we did on the South Shore of Long Island, it is time to catch up. Our next stop brought us to San Marzano Pizza in Merrick. I have always liked the town of Merrick and San Marzano sits at the corner of Benson and Merrick Ave. right in the heart of the town.We were surprised to find a Wood Oven Pizzeria located in a town like this, since most of the places around here are your typical mom and pop pizza joints.

Upon walking into San Marzano Pizza, the delicious smell hit us immediately. It reminded me of the scent that Tucci's Pizza has in Boca Raton. It is delightful and alluring, like the smoke out of the oven turns into a finger and motions you to come on in.

San Marzano in Merrick only serves individual pies, like many of the brick/coal places that have popped up everywhere. I got the regular one, as well as some garlic knots (which turned out to be amazing). There is a 3 knot minimum order so keep that in mind.

When the pizza came out of the oven it looked heavenly. The pie cooked in about 3-4 minutes, and with my first glance I could tell this would be a good pizza. The cheese:sauce ratio was perfect, the crust looked beautifully textured, and the aroma of it made me want to dig in even though it was boiling. San Marzano doesn't believe in popping the bubbles on the pies I suppose, but I will make an exception for them this time since the pizza tasted great.

There weren't many issues with this pie. If the sauce was a bit sweeter, I wouldn't complain though. The crust could have also used a little more taste while we are at it.

We tried a couple of other kinds of pizza pies here as well, all were equally as good, but I personally would stick with the margherita. At only $9.00 it isn't that bad of a deal, even though it was a bit small compared to some of the other pizza places.

If you are in Merrick and looking for some artisan pizza, San Marzano could definitely be your place. The counter girl could have been a bit more friendly as well.

San Marzano Pizza in Merrick, Long Island gets 6 out of 8 slices

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