Sal’s Pizza Near Town Center Mall Closed

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Sal’s Pizza Near Town Center Mall Closed

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sals_pizza.jpgIn what appears to be pattern for the lower quality pizza joints in Boca Raton, Sal's Pizza has closed down by the Town Center Mall. Although we were never fans of the pizza at Sal's, I really enjoyed the summer specials they used to have with pasta. Used to go there quite often many years ago. During our recent visits for pizza, none of us thought it was worth the effort of going back.

We hate to see all these places fail, like Sal's, Big Louies, Old Town Tavern, Prima Pizza etc, but it goes to show...if you are not serving quality, your customers will let you know by not coming back. Simple changes could help keep you in business. Such as keeping the place spotless, I always felt kind of dirty in Sal's for some reason.

If you are a local pizza place and you are having troubles making it work, please contact us and we will do our best to provide insights on different ways to improve your pizza and your overall pizza. Our intention is not to hurt business, but rather to show you what you are doing wrong, in hopes you can improve.

So long Sal's. To my knowledge all other Sal's have remained open. If you know of one closing please contact us.

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