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Sal’s Pizza Boca Raton

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After being totally disappointed with both Rotelli Pizza and Peace a Pizza by my office, I tried Sal's Pizza here in Boca Raton on the corner of Yamato Road and Congress.  You can read my previous review of a different Sal's Pizza here.  This Sal's Pizza of Boca Raton is located on 861 Yamato road and is near the Wendy's.

For starters when I am served a slice of pizza with a bubble in it, I instantly know the pizza maker didn't have any real care about how the pie looks or taste, or he would have popped them during a spin in the oven.  The pizza was served to us overbearingly hot, and was extremely well done.  Normally I would deduct points for this, but amazingly the pizza crust held firm the entire time and didn't sag making for one of the most enjoyable crispy experiences in recent times.

The taste wasn't anything overwhelming, however for some reason everything seemed just fine.  Maybe it was by pure luck that this Sal's tasted good, since obviously they put no effort into the appearance of the slice, nor the time they cooked it.  Will venture back there again soon and hopefully they will not pull a Rotelli on me!  I will give ths Sal's Pizza of Boca Raton 5 out of 8 slices!

As a side note, I have never seen such TINY meatballs in my life!  When your meatballs are smaller then the bubbles in your pizza you should ask yourself.......Are my meatballs too small, or are the bubbles in my pizza too big?

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  • 861 Yamato Rd. Boca Raton. FL 33431