Rusitcana Pizza – Delray Beach – Florida

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Rusitcana Pizza – Delray Beach – Florida

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Stopped by a new Pizza Place in Delray Beach yesterday for lunch. Pizza Rusticana took the place of Gennaro's pizza off Linton Blvd. Please do not confuse this place with Pizza Rustica of Delray beach, they are separate. The place was pretty empty and the decor stayed the same, including that ugly round pizza warmer they leave up on the counter, which does nothing more then cheapen the experience. I orderd the 2 slice special which was well worth its price.

This pizza was actually decent, and I can see myself stopping over there from time to time when I am in the area. The cheese was good and the crust was crisp. The sauce wasn't perfect, but was good enough to enjoy. The biggest negative to me is that I had to have a waitress bring me the 2 slices and my soda, which I could have easily done myself. I just do not understand why pizza places make you sit down and get served. As you can see it is a big pet peeve I have, also a major problem to me at Nino's Pizza in Boca Raton.

I am not that out of shape that I need someone to carry my pizza to me! I give this a 5 out of 8 slices!! Well worth the try!

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