Rotelli Pizza & Pasta Boca Raton

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Rotelli Pizza & Pasta Boca Raton

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I said in my previous post about Rotelli Pizza in Boca Raton by the tri rail on Yamato Road, that I would certainly be going back to try again and make sure they are consistent, and I went the other night to keep my word. Oh Rotelli, Rotelli, how disappointed was I to learn that it was a one time tasty deal. The pizza I had the other night was absolutely nothing like the pizza I had during my previous article about you.

Now in all fairness I did not eat the pepperoni pie, my neighbor did so for the purpose of this review we will strictly be talking about the plain pie. I thought I found my regular lunch place in Rotelli, especially having that horrible slice down the road at Peace a Pizza and totally ruling that place out. But Rotelli, maybe you hired a new pizza guy, or maybe you just didn't care, but the place was empty and there was plenty of time to put some effort into making this pie taste better. Even though I am not comparing apples to apples, since my previous experience consisted of a single slice and this tasting consisted of an individual pie, I still expected some similarities between the two. The dough was too think, the sauce wasn't evenly distributed. The cheese at least tasted decent. Very upsetting that I will have to find a new place. I will give Rotelli Pizza in Boca Raton by the Tri Rail only 2 out of 8 slices for this visit.  This could be the last time I ever listen to my next door neighbor again about which pizza place he likes.  How silly of me to listen to someone raised in Florida!

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