Rosa’s Pizza Penn Station New York City

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Rosa’s Pizza Penn Station New York City

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Back when I used to work in Jersey City, I used to take the Long Island Railroad everyday into New York City.  Then walk up an avenue, and take the PATH across the river to New Jersey.  After working a hard day, my only salvation was arriving back at Penn Station to catch my train home, and grab a slice of some heavenly Upside Down Sicilian (or as they call it Red) Pizza.

I am sure most of you think I am crazy by this point, actually eating at a place in Penn Station, but I was able to forgive all the filthiness of the surroundings and eat this pizza.  It was only natural that during my trip to New York, I would take the train into the city and grab a slice.  Upon arriving at Rosa's Pizza after all these years in Penn Station, I realized some things had changed.  Instead of hearing the workers speak Spanish to each other, now I was hearing Arabic being used.  Not sure if Rosa's sold this location, but I will have to investigate further and report my findings to you at a later date.  Rosas dining room had the same amount of filth, but what can you expect from a pizza place down in a tube station.

I ordered an Upside Down Sicilian and waited at the cash register for about 5 minutes while the girl was having an argument with the customer in front of me.  This is kind of shocking considering most folks are trying to catch a train on time, and 5 minutes could mean the difference between going home or having to wait for the next train.  This counter girl didn't seem to care.  After FINALLY getting rung up, I proceeded to sit down and bite into this gorgeous slice.  The smell of the pizza brought back so many memories of a younger time for me.

Rosa, after tasting your slice after so many years, it is safe to say that it is wonderful.  Even though the accents have changed, the recipe remains the same.  The sauce was perfectly sweet and hot.  The cheese was freshly melted into the soft dough.  The crust was crispy and tasted marvelous.  Deciding whether or not to give this pizza a perfect score was hard, but ultimately I have chosen to give Rosa's Pizza in Penn Station New York 7 out of 8 slices.  I was unable to give a perfect score due to the burnt edge of the crust.  Normally I can enjoy a well done crust, but this pie seemed a bit rushed and made without love.

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