Rosa’s Pizza Huntington New York

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Rosa’s Pizza Huntington New York

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redsicilian.jpgrosashuntington.jpgIf you have read some of my prior posts, you will know that the 2 original Queens, NY Rosa's locations have received tremendous approval ratings from me. Lately they have began to spread throughout the city and across the Island, slowly diluting their quality.

I was in Huntington, LI visiting my in-laws, and we passed by the Rosa's Pizza in town. Of course I immediately suggested we get out and grab a slice, or two, or three. My eyes quickly veered up the counter top to find where the upside down (red) Sicilian pie was. It appeared it had been out for a good portion of the day, and didn't look too fresh. Being the daredevil I am, I ordered one anyways, while the rest of my family chose the regular slices.

This could be the first time ever in my life, that I questioned eating an upside down slice.  Rosa's is quite famous for their upside down Sicilian slices (red slice).  They were far from famous on this day. Don't get me wrong, I would still choose one of their bad slices over many decent slices any day of the week, but I have a higher standard for Rosa's.

The crust tasted somewhat stale, and almost felt like it could chip a tooth if bit into the wrong way.  The inside of the crust nice and soft though.  The sauce tasted sweet and smooth like it normally should, but the cheese didn't taste as great as their other locations.  I am pretty certain they all use the same ingredients, but I guess this Huntington location does not have the turnover, like their Queens locations, and the pizza sometimes sits out there past its prime.  Rosa's you should toss the pizza out if it has been out there for hours.  Put a fresh one out, people can tell the difference with the naked eye.

The regular slices were very good, which kind of shocked me since I usually find them to be a bit lower in quality then the upside down.  The cheese tasted great, and was baked to perfection.  The sauce:cheese ratio was perfect.  The sauce was applied evenly throughout this slice.  The crust was exactly how it should be, crisp on the bottom, and tasty.  I even finished the crust on the slices, which is something I am normally too full to do.

Most Memorable Things

  • The smell you are greeted with when you walk in
  • The variety of pizza to choose from (hopefully not stale)
  • The sauce
  • The cheese on the regular slice

Least Memorable Things

  • The attitude of the staff
  • The cleanliness
  • The stale crust

For a place that should easily get 7 out of 8 slices normally, Rosa's in Huntington gets 5 out of 8 slices for this visit.

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    (631) 425-7694

  • 313 Main St Huntington, NY 11743-3242