Rack’s Downtown Eatery Pizza Mizner Park Boca Raton

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Rack’s Downtown Eatery Pizza Mizner Park Boca Raton

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it wasn't awful, but when something is usually not awful, it means it eventually will become awful. When Matt suggested we try it again, I figured it had been long enough in between visits to see if anything had changed for the better or for the worst

One thing at Rack's in Mizner Park that hasn't changed is the gorgeous decor. Another thing that hasn't changed is the excess of 65 year old women who keep the plastic surgeons in this town wealthy. This could be a fun place to people watch. Gary Rack spared no expense when remodeling this place, and Rack's Downtown Eatery has managed to stay immaculately clean, and welcoming. The staff was friendly, and extremely attentive towards us, upon taking our seats. I think that Gary Rack and another local restauranteur David Manero open up some of the most spectacularly decorated eateries in the South Florida area, just thought I would pay them some compliments.

I ordered a plain pie, and got some fries while we waited.  The fries were good, but for the price, the portion could have been a bit more generous. Once the pizza came out I immediately dug in. Besides the overload of flour, this pie tasted pretty good. Racks uses high quality cheese, and they put only a coating of sauce on, which is fine by me. The sauce was semi-sweet, and not very acidic. The crust was cooked very close to perfection and tasted well above average.

All-in-all I would go back to Rack's again in Mizner Park and enjoy some of their pies again. Although they aren't the greatest in the area, they are still pretty good.

Rack's Downtown Eatery in Mizner Park gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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