Pssghetti’s Pizza Clearwater, FL

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Pssghetti’s Pizza Clearwater, FL

Posted By: Andy Vitale
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The Clearwater area is a part of Florida that I visit often to see friends. I have probably been there 20+ times in the last three years. On my drive in, I noticed a new restaurant called Pssghetti's off of Highway 19. I wanted to try it because I had yet to find even a decent slice of pizza in that area. Upon arriving at Pssghetti's, I noticed at how nice this place was on the inside. They had a little area like an Italian deli and market where you can purchase cooked and uncooked items to take home. They even had pizza shaped restaurant buzzers.

The menu was full of different types of personal gourmet pizzas. Although all sounded interesting, I was a little disappointed. I am a huge fan of pizza and toppings but I'm not a fan of gourmet Italian food. We ordered two different types of pizza, one with sliced sausage, home made meatballs, caramelized onions and fresh mozzarella and one with garlic roasted chicken, crisp sliced rosemary potatoes and fontina cheese. Both pizzas sounded promising and we were eager to dive in.

The potato pizza was different but in a good way. It was definitely tasty. The potatoes were not as crisp as advertised but were still good nonetheless. Just a little crispier and I would have described them as awesome. The garlic roasted chicken was tremendous. The fontina cheese was more bland than I had expected and this pizza was sauceless which was fine by me. The only setback was the crust. The crust reminded me of the pizza/foccacia bread that they serve at Sweet Tomatoes.

The second pizza I tried was the sausage/meatball pizza and this pizza had great flavor as well. The meatballs were seasoned perfectly, juicy and delicious, some of the best I have had on pizza. The sausage was just as good, if not better. Even the sauce on this pizza was top notch and if you have read any of my other reviews, it must be good for me to say that. The fresh mozzarella complimented this pizza perfectly. Again, the only setback was the crust. I felt like they had a gourmet chef making the ingredients and they had pre-made pizza crust from Chuck E. Cheese's.

The general consensus of the group was that the pizza was full flavor but the crust put a damper on the overall enjoyment of the meal. If they could figure out a way to make better crust for their pizza, they could have the best pizza in the Clearwater area. I would love to give them a better review but the crust really ruined the pizza for me.

I give Pssghetti's 4 out of 8 slices.

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