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Primo’s Pizza Miramar, FL

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Ed note: Management has since informed me that they have corrected the below Cheese Shaker issue by getting new ones. I have photos at the end of the story now.

While down in the Miramar area, to do some filming at NBC, we asked the staff in the studio where we could get the best pizza in Miramar from? Almost all said to go to Primo's Pizza, which was a bit west of the station, and that it would be worth it. So we headed across the highway and began our quest to taste what was described as the best pizza in Miramar. Primo's Pizza wasn't that easy to locate, since it is on the west side of the plaza and doesn't face the main road. We parked and went in hoping it was a grab a slice and seat yourself kind of place, but were quickly altered to the fact that we should seat ourselves and wait for a server.

Everyone who reads this site knows that I HATE HAVING TO BE SERVED MY SLICES. This could be one of the only times I was happy to get a waitress. The girl who served us was awesome. Her name was Daniella. She was friendly, cute, bubbly, and just made us feel like we belonged there. Regardless of how the pizza might have tasted, I would go back for pasta or something else when in the area, just to know I could have her again.

This is a photo of Daniella who served us, if you see her there ask for her. Hopefully they did everything they could to hold onto her. Anyways, onto the pizza. I ordered a regular slice, and although I also wanted a Sicilian slice, they didn't have any. Since I wasn't hungry enough to order a whole Sicilian Pie at Primo's Pizza in Miramar, I just went for the regular slice and some garlic knots.

When the slice (first one, I ended up ordering two) at Primo's Pizza came out of the oven, it was scolding hot. Hot to the point of not being able to even lift it up. The slice was big, and it looked great so I did what any other hungry pizza lover would do, and bit into it knowing I would burn my lip and the roof of my mouth. Well guess what? I did burn my lip and roof of mouth. Was it worth it? Let's get into that.

The slice was amazingly crispy and held up even before I folded it. The sauce was applied lightly underneath some quality tasting cheese. The crust tasted decent, but could have used a little bit more flavor. The edges were mildly burnt, so it was a bit too well done for my liking. Obviously it was left in the oven for a minute too long, which was evident by the well done edge, and the fact I couldn't even touch it at first. But regardless of what this slice had against it, it still tasted pretty good overall.

Although as of now, I am not in the Miramar area often (subject to change), so I probably won't be able to get to Primo's Pizza as often as I would like, but if you live in nearby Miramar, this could easily become your local pizza joint. Just don't ask for the slice well done, since they come out a bit brown already.

I really enjoyed seeing the entire staff eating together during their break. This showed camaraderie and made a nice statement to me. Showed that everyone there cared about each other, which usually means they care about the food. Based on our waitresses attitude, it is emphatically clear they at least care about the customers.

Primo's, one thing I should point out that kind of grossed me out.....You should be cleaning your shakers nightly. This was a bit disgusting when I took the top off.

Primo's Pizza in Miramar gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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