Primanti Brothers Pizza Fort Lauderdale on Oakland Park

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Primanti Brothers Pizza Fort Lauderdale on Oakland Park

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Although I found the pizza at Primanti Bros Pizza on Sunrise and a1a on the beach in Fort Lauderdale to be decent, I just couldn't get over how filthy the place was, and how unsanitary the cooking conditions were. This was not a place I would rush back to go, so I never really thought their other location on Oakland Park, right outside of Wilton Manors would be any different. Recently I had to meet Andy and we decided that Primanti Brothers (or Primanti Bros.) on Oakland Park would be a decent choice since neither of us had tried it before, and we wanted to see if it was as gross as the beach location.

From the outside, Primanti Bros is located in a nice clean looking brick building. The parking lot was a bit full but they had plenty of spaces to accomodate more. We wandered on in and found a booth. Although Primanti Bros at this location was clean and nice, it wasn't as nice as I had hoped from the outside appearance. We got a couple of sodas and looked over the menu debating on what appetizers to check out since they all appeared delicious.

We ended up ordering a pie, which I was reluctant to do since Primanti Bros. seems like the slice type of place, and I figured a hot out of the oven regular pie would be lacking the crispiness that reheating a slice takes on. While waiting we snacked on some mozzarella sticks, fries and some garlic rolls (unfortunately not knots). All were decent.

When the pizza came out it looked good but not perfect. Upon my first bite, I could taste how spicy and chunky the tomato sauce was, and I didn't really care for it. I actually ended up lifting most of the cheese to wipe off a good part of the sauce. Other than the sauce, the cheese tasted great and the crust tasty. The crust was a bit puffy, and thick, but not so much to make me dislike it.

I should note, that after trying Primanti Bros. out once, I went back again with Andy, and discovered that one of my favorite pizza makers got a job there. This was promising and he even went in the back and did something to the sauce to make it taste the way I would like it, and low and behold Primanti Bros. pizza sauce tasted much better. So I guess if I return, I will only get the pizza if my acquaintance is making it. Otherwise I will stick to slices and not pies here.

Primanti Bros. in Fort Lauderdale gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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