Positano’s Pizza Williston Park, Long Island

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Positano’s Pizza Williston Park, Long Island

Posted By: Mad Greek
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After having some delicious pizza at Da Angelo Pizza in Williston Park, NY, I was off to Positano's Pizza in Williston Park too. And my hat's off to them as well. If you're banking on a great tasting, perfect textured crust, Positano's may make one of the finest crusts and finishes you will find at a pizzeria anywhere on Long Island.

The sauce was perfectly applied, and tasted sweet and great on top of the amazing crust. This is the type of crust that could keep people coming here for decades and still wonder how they get it so right.

Unfortunately, the additional cheese on their neopolitan pie tipped the balance in what would otherwise have scored a solid 7, but landed a 6 out of 8 slices. The Sicilian Pizza slice at Positano's Pizza in Williston Park scored high. A light crispy olive oil brushed dough topped to perfection with fresh sauce and nicely placed spots of mozzarella rang the bell, at a 7 out of 8.

Either way, you can't miss for a good slice of pizza on either end of Williston Park as both seem to know the secret of sweet California tomatoes. This is why I am so happy I moved back to Long Island. It just seems like no matter where you go, regardless of the town, there is a good pizza place at both ends. How many other places can make that claim?

Pizza post script - having tried a morsel of the Grandma's at each location, Da Angelo gets the edge. A new pizza critic was born at Positano's Gabriella ("Gaby") Leggio. There is no doubt that Gaby (a died in the wool Yankee fan) has cornered the NYC Pizza market and knows her stuff on pizza, hot or cold. I look forward to her pizza reviews here on

Once again, the Regular slice at Positano's Pizza in Williston Park gets at 6 out of 8. And the Sicilian Slice gets a 7 out of 8.

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