PizzaVolante Pizza Tweetup Miami Design District

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PizzaVolante Pizza Tweetup Miami Design District

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pizzavolante.jpgpizza_volante.jpgThe other night we had an amazing time at PizzaVolante in the Miami Design District courtesy of our gracious and generous hosts.  When I arrived I was in awe that our host Jonathan Eismann (of Pacific Time) actually set up a table to display the pizzas we would eat.  Each pizza had a sign behind it explaining what the pizza was called and what it was made with.  Jonathan really went above and beyond my expectations.  He even decorated the table, and had someone standing there to serve us the pizza.  Jonathan = CLASS ACT

Roughly 60+ pizza fanatics showed up at this nights event.  This was the first time I have actually seen pizza left over.  After serving approximately 45 pies, it would seem logical that even the biggest of eaters would submit.  That means that each person roughly ate 6 slices.

Thanks to @mikelamonica and @miamishines for these photos!


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  • 3918 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127-2918