PizzaTweetup at Spris Pizza in Coral Gables

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PizzaTweetup at Spris Pizza in Coral Gables

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, we had expected only 50, but were delighted to see roughly 64 if I counted accurately.

Upon entering Spris before the event, I was greeted by the charming owner Julio, and the extremely outgoing server Eddie.  We went over the way I like to see these events operate, and they proceeded to show me the drink specials they would be offering this evening.  Being around Julio, you cannot help but notice how passionate he is about his food, and the experience a customer has when dining there.  He took me around back to show me the different pizzas that the chef was making, and the different toppings that went onto them, and the quality of these toppings.  Eddie, seemed like a firecracker that couldn't wait to get started, and used the opportunity to make some new friends, as well as loyal customers.

spris.jpgspris_pizza.jpgBy 7:30, most people had arrived and ordered drinks.  I suggest that we start cooking up some pizza!  Julio decided to give us 3 pies with different toppings and 2 plain ones to start.  For the record, this was above and beyond what I requested from him, all I asked for was plain pizza, so here is another example of how far he goes to make sure everyone is happy.  When the pies came out of the oven they started to deliver them 5 at a time to the table.  Seems as fast as they put a pie down, it disappeared.  From the looks of it, our pizza lovers really seemed to enjoy the food they were being served.

Based upon the way the pies were cut, and the amount of pizzas that Julio served, we had enough pizzas to give each attendee 4-5 slices.  Seems like many enjoyed several of slices past this, since some people were left with only 1-2.  But whatever pizza they had tasted great.  Spris is known for their thin crust, European style pies.  You cannot get slices at this establishment, only individual pies.  They use a sparing amount of sauce (which I like) and a delicious blend of cheese, that bakes just perfectly.  The crust is crisp and sometimes a bit well done, which makes the first bite into it, a splendid experience.

The night seemed to fizzle out at about 10:30pm, and even the last pizza that was brought out, was devoured.  Everyone seemed to do right by the servers, who brought the free pizza to the tables.  Personally, I wish it was a bit cooler in there.  At times it seemed like I was in a sauna, and not a pizza place, but maybe it was because of the amount of people that were there.  After everyone left, it certainly cooled down.

Julio had such a nice time, that he is offering 20% off your bill at the location in Coral Gables, if you mention pizzatweetup to the server!  That is all you have to do, just say pizzatweetup and save 20% off of some amazing tasting food.  This special only runs until the 21st of July.  See you all next month.  Place yet to be determined.

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