Pizza U.S.A. Festival Flea Market Pompano Beach

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Pizza U.S.A. Festival Flea Market Pompano Beach

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As a child growing up I remember people used to shop at flea markets in order to save money.  Prices always seemed cheap as these sort of shopping venues.  At what point did shopping at a flea market mean you should spend $2.92 for a slice of pizza?

The Festival Flea Market has been around in Pompano Beach, Florida for a long time.  I am amazed by this since in my opinion, a shopper has to look ridiculously hard to find a bargain.  While walking around with my father in law looking for some type of junk he hoped to find, we got hungry.  He took my son to Padrino's for a Cuban sandwich, and naturally I flocked to the pizza place to see what it was about.  Pizza U.S.A., (phone: 954-974-6639)  a name only a foreigner would use, is located at the very beginning of this gross looking food court.

Since I was shopping at a flea market, that seems designed to also serve as g-d's waiting room, I didn't even check the prices and ordered a slice.  The pizza didn't look that bad from behind the glass display, so I was optimistic that maybe this sleazy joint would serve me something delightful.  When the guy behind the counter in some funny accent said what appeared to sound like $2.92 for the slice, I obviously thought I misheard him and asked again.  He pointed to the register which was displaying $2.92 for this flea market slice of pizza.  Reluctantly I paid it and started to consider that maybe I was not just having a slice of pizza, but this slice of pizza was actually a piece of Filet Mignon disguised as a slice of pizza for that price.

This pizza had quite a lot of basil on it which is usually a sign that the pizza maker is using poor quality ingredients and needs the basil to cover up the taste.  After peeling the basil off the slice, I proceeded to bite into it.  Remarkably this pizza didn't suck as much as it should have.  The crust was crispy and the sauce actually was alright.  The cheese seemed a bit cheaper tasting then I like it. I probably would have gotten another slice, but decide investing the $3.00 it would take to buy another was better spent on a scratch off lottery tickets which seems like a better bang for the buck.

In my opinion Pizza U.S.A. needs to readjust their pricing.  Most other places in the food court seemed to be quite a bit busier then they were and I am certain it is due to the cost.  The majority of shoppers at this establishment are extremely old and will not part with almost $3.00 for a slice.  It just isn't worth it to them.  At the most a slice like the one I had should cost no more then $2.00.  It was apparent that Pizza U.S.A. is not using gourmet supplies in their food, and their prices should reflect this accordingly.  Personally I would not go back and eat there, just based upon their pricing.

I will give Pizza U.S.A. in Pompano Beach 4 out of 8 slices.

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