Pizza Supreme Garden City Long Island

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Pizza Supreme Garden City Long Island

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Some of my pizza contemporaries happen to like Pizza Supreme in Garden City. Usually a place that has been opened since 1958, cannot be too bad, and I'm sure they've built up thousands of loyal customers in the process. I'd bet that they would all swear its the best of the best. Why not? We all do so swear about our neighborhood pizzerias. To do otherwise would be a sacrilege. So its hard to argue with 53 years of success. Not me. I don't care if you're in business 100 years. You'd better bring your A game when you hand me a slice of pizza.

Today's review comes from the heart. As hard as I would try to please 50+ years of tradition, I can't part with a WOW, but I can't cry BOO either. Even heated up, Pizza Supreme's Neapolitan is simply a luke warm slice that passes average at a straight 5 of 8. But then again, most people do not come to this gem of a place for the regular slices. They come for the mini square slices that people ate for years when Pizza Supreme was located in the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City.

Their Sicilian however is a different story altogether. Marginally thinner and somewhere closer to a grandma/grandpa slice, this sicilian is a classic and should most definitely be their signature pie. Why the difference? Possibly the extra dry flour on the Neapolitan underside and end crust was my cause for pause as a difference maker as the sicilian would have none of that going on. Needless to say, this place is well worth visiting even if you don't live in the area. While there make sure to try some of their Garlic Knots, as they are very good as well.

Pizza Supreme in Garden City has a Sicilian pizza that ranks a solid 7out of 8 on the scale of crusty logic.

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