Pizza Rustica South Miami, Florida

3/ 8
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Pizza Rustica South Miami, Florida

Posted By: Mike L
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I tried to clear my virtual cache, cookies and erase my browsing history before I walked in the door as this had been a KFC for so many years.

As I drove there, I eyed three other pizza places that were either packed or looked full. This place was nearly empty and it took a little bit too long to order as there were only 5 other customers total and two were already seated.  The server wore one of those Janet Jackson headsets as there is the old KFC drive through service, but didn’t really need it as only one car drove through while I was there.  A cheese slice is any pizza places’ litmus test so that’s what I went with- the Margherita. The menu calls it a “huge slice,” but this reviewer has to disagree.  Fortunately I like my slices a bit on the crispy side, but this was a bit over-crisp (as in may have been sitting around too long).  I almost brought it back and asked for a fresh one.

After my first slice, I went back to try a pepperoni slice just to give them another crack. A bit bigger, O.K. mixture of flavors and a bit light on the cheese. Again this slice didn’t seem out-of-the-oven fresh. For $4.50 it was steep versus what I’ve had at most other pizza haunts. It’s not a great sign when I was thinking about going out for pizza after I just had what is billed as two “huge” slices. Pizza Rustica is a small chain of 21 pizzerias and this is yet another weak link. Pizza Rustica is known for its “South Beach vibe.” But you can’t eat a vibe. I wish it were better as it’s right in my neighborhood.

Pizza Rustica in South Miami gets 3 out of 8 slices.

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