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Pizza Loft Davie, Fl

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Went to Pizza Loft in Davie the other day, located right outside Nova Southeastern University.  This could easily be the only place that was still in business in this shopping center. Seeing how it was the sole location that was open, I was a bit reluctant to even walk into the doors, and what a mistake that would have been.

Upon walking through the door you realize just how old this place is. There are photos from the 70's on the wall, with the original owner. Jeff Cohen who owns the place takes pride in the celebrities he has served at this spot. Usually it is a good sign when a place can survive for 30 years down here in the land of snowbirds. I went with Andy and JB, we ordered a Sicilian Pie.

When the pie came out it was super hot, and runny. The cheese was shifting around all over the place, which was a bit of a turn off for me. When it cooled down a minute we all grabbed a slice and simultaneously bit in. We all looked up at each other with eyebrows raised and had the same "this is pretty good" expression. This beyond old pizza establishment is churning out some pretty great pizza.

The crust was crispy on the bottom and airy in the middle. The sauce was good, but was probably the only thing I would change a little. Just to sweeten it up a bit. The cheese tasted great, and it is evident he is using a brand of quality. When we were done with the pie we made eye contact with the owner who we ended up questioning. Jeff, the owner, took us on a tour of his kitchen which was spotless. Any owner who will take you into his kitchen without any advance knowledge is an owner you want to eat from. This tells me they have nothing to hide and all ingredients are fresh.

Jeff, it is no wonder you have survived all these years, and the recent economic hardships. You deserve all the accolades you have received and I look forward to sitting with you again sometime soon.

Pizza Loft in Davie, gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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