Pizza Girls in West Palm Beach – No girls in Sight

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Pizza Girls in West Palm Beach – No girls in Sight

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Just got back from Pizza Girls in West Palm Beach, Florida.  According to the signs all over the walls, and even on the lip of their pizza box, Pizza Girls is constantly winning the Best Pizza award for the West Palm Beach area.

I ordered 1 regular slice and 1 Sicilian slice.  They came out ridiculously hot (which I am not knocking, but just be careful, and let it cool down).  As is probably expected by now, I certainly did not think it is the best.  If this is the best pizza that West Palm has to offer, it isn't because it is the best, it is most likely the best pizza around, since the rest of the places in the nearby vicinity aren't up to par either.

I will not put the crust down, as it was crispy and help up just fine.  It was the perfect thickness for both the Sicilian slice and the regular slice.  The Sicilian actually reminded me of a thicker version of Ellio's pizza.  I am not kidding, if you try it, close your eyes and picture Ellio's.  The cheese tasted good as well, but I think it was the sauce that made me think they could have done better.

Pizza Girls, my suggestion to you is pretty basic.  If you are going to advertise that your food is the best in the area, (which I will not dispute, because I have read the other reviews) you should really make sure that you continue to use the same formula you used to use.  I watched the pizza maker make a pie and I was extremely impressed with the care he put into the pie.  He evened out the sauce and put a generous amount of cheese on the top.  My decision to not agree with this pizza being the best is due to the overall taste of the sauce.  You should try to change the sauce to one that is a little sweeter, and only then will I agree that you have the best slice in town.

I am giving Pizza Girls in West Palm Beach 5 out of 8 slices.  By the way, this is the only place called Pizza Girls that had ZERO girls working there today!

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