Pizza CS Rockville, MD

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Pizza CS Rockville, MD

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Sometimes doing the little things right is what counts most in a great pizzeria. This is the driving philosophy behind the simplistic yet delicious new “Pizza CS” located near the Twinbrook metro station along Rockville Pike in Rockville, MD.

As you walk through the doors of the recently replaced “Three Brothers Pizza”, the aroma of fresh San Marzano tomatoes immediately lets you know there’s been a HUGE upgrade in pizza quality. A beautiful brick oven now perfectly bakes crusts where a metal oven once slightly overcooked NY/MD style pizzas. One look into the oven and you’ll be wondering if metro accidentally dropped you off at one of the better pizzerias in DC. The surrounding decorations and counter service ordering are modest yet trendy with a foosball table to play while you wait for your perfectly baked pizzas. The fact that there are personal pies rather than old slices, tells you that Pizza CS in its infancy already knows what it’s doing.

The simplistic menu breaks it’s pies into “red”, “white”, and “Kid” (7” versions sure to keep your young pizza lover happy). If you’re out to save a few dollars you can get a basic yet still tasty red pizza but for a few bucks more you can upgrade to buffalo mozzarella for a more authentic Italian Margherita experience. It’s fresh Marzano tomatoes, white buffalo mozzarella, and green basil do a fine homage to the Italian flag! I found the “red” pizzas to be better than the “whites” but enjoyed both. The tomato sauce is in my top 5 in DC, and reminded me of other top pizzerias like 2 Amys and RedRocks. Salads are available for those who want to pretend their losing weight before digging into an amazing pie! Homemade icecream is a perfect creamy compliment to an already simplistic great meal. Italian sodas, beers, and wines are available alongside regular American sodas.

With the popular “Matchbox” located directly across the street, Pizza CS has a huge opportunity. Those who don’t feel like waiting in line there may walk across 355 to discover that Pizza CS has better brick oven pizzas, lower prices, an extremely friendly staff, and no wait in a simplistic setting! My only hope is that they live up to their motto, “Come Sempre” which in Italian means “Like Always”. If they can keep up this simplistic perfection, Pizza CS will be around for years to come!

Pizza CS in Rockville, MD gets 6 out of 8 slices.

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