Pizza Bar South Beach Miami – Biggest Slice of Pizza

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Pizza Bar South Beach Miami – Biggest Slice of Pizza

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After spending another hot and humid day in South Beach, we were walking back to our hotel, when I noticed a place called Pizza Bar, right near the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Miami Beach. They had this sign in the window that stated that they have the best slices of pizza in South Beach, so it intrigued me enough to walk inside and take a look. Pizza Bar was very much like all the other pizza places on South Beach, long and narrow and a glass display of the slices they are offering. The one thing Pizza Bar did have differently than most of their competitors was how enormous their slices actually were. They were  HUGE! This made me feel the need to try one of them to see if they were any good.

The size of the slice wasn't the only thing to shock me, the $5 price tag that came with it was also quite shocking. It wasn't until my slice came out that I realized this was actually two slices and not one. Yes that is how big the slices at Pizza Bar in South Beach are. So if you aren't too hungry, this is probably not the pizza place for you, and if you aren't wealthy, this is probably not the pizza place for you either.

My first bite wasn't anything grandiose. The sauce tasted cheap, and the bottom of the crust had some severe screen burns. As I held the pizza slice up, I was very impressed with how it held together for the size of the slice. From the above photo you can see just how big this slice of pizza is, since that tray is probably 10 inches.  The cheese wasn't exceptional, and for $5, regardless of the size, I expect to have something with a little more quality. The crust tasted decent, but since it was burnt around the screen markings, it was hard to tell if it tasted any good. All-in-all I would say the crust could have been the best part of the slice, I will have to give it another shot and hope they don't make it as well done.

Pizza Bar in Miami Beach actually makes their sliced pies 31 inches. Yes 31 inches. Considering most of the places you probably eat pizza at daily use a 18 inch pie for slices, you get the idea how enormous their pies are. So for the novelty of it, I recommend going to check out Pizza Bar. Personally, I still like Gino's better, but it is a bit of a walk from this region.

Pizza Bar in Miami Beach gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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