Pizza and Politics

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Pizza and Politics

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Politics is all about debate, making deals, and arguing over who has the best solution. The good news for some politicians in Iowa is that pizza can always make things better.

The Iowa House of Representatives was locked in a debate about a controversial bill and lawmakers planned to work through the day, skipping lunch, so they could get it ironed out and be ready to close deliberations for the weekend.

Knowing this, their counterparts in the Iowa State Senate thought they'd treat the House with lunch. Of course, they then had to decide what to get their friends next door.. so a new debate began. Luckily, pizza is a food that brings everyone together and a unanimous decision was made.

After passing the hat, the pies were ordered,  ten different ones, so no one had to debate what kind to get. The Senators hand-delivered them to the House of Representatives in support of their hard work.

So now we see that even in politics, pizza can be the salve that heals wounds and brings people together. Even in Iowa.



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