Piola Pizzeria South Beach Miami Pizza

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Piola Pizzeria South Beach Miami Pizza

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pizzapiola.jpgsprispizza.jpgMatt (mattspizza on the site) and I were in Miami and decided to check out a few places we both had never been to before. We went to Piola Pizzeria right at the end of Lincoln Road in South Beach. Located on 1625 Alton Road, between Lincoln and 16th St 305.674.1660, Piola Pizza, is a place that my Italian friend Davide says has some of the best pizza in Miami. When he says it with that fancy accent, and his fingers pointed in the air like some famous Italian statue, it makes it relatively impossible not to try it. Piola is deceivingly big inside.

From the street it actually looks quite tiny. Going to Piola for pizza is an experience I was happy to have. Here we had two of the worlds most intense pizza experts sitting with each other, and having completely different views on a pie. You see, I enjoy going to a place like Piola, where the crust is extremely thin, and the sauce is put on sparingly.

I enjoy the experience of seeing the pizza made in front of me, and watching it as it bubbles in the oven. I also enjoy the fresh blend of cheeses that some of these "European" style places use on the cheese. So when I bit into this pizza, I found it to remind me of sitting with some friends in a dim lit courtyard, enjoying the savory taste of a pizza that just came out of the oven. Matt on the other hand didn't see anything special about it. No matter how many times I told him to close his eyes and picture himself in the courtyard, he just couldn't see it (be the ball happy, be the ball). Luckily we will not discuss Matt any further, since he will send a review as well...I suppose (where is the review Matt?) Piola had a great tasting sauce, and awesomely thin crust. The pizza literally came out in under 5 minutes, and although our servers weren't extremely attentive, it still managed to get to us pretty quick. Piola is definitely a place I will go back to again, without Matt. This way I can eat it without having to watch him shake his head in disapproval. If you are looking for a high quality pizza, that takes almost no time to cook, in a decent environment, then I recommend you take a trip over to Piola. Piola Pizza gets 6 out of 8 slices! You can follow us on Twitter @worstpizza

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