Piola Pizza Hallandale Beach – Best Pizza Hallandale Beach

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Piola Pizza Hallandale Beach – Best Pizza Hallandale Beach

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Having experienced the splendor of Piola Pizza in South Beach, it was only logical that as I passed the one in Hallandale Beach with Andy the other day, we should stop and see if this Hallandale location was as good as their other one. Piola has another location in Italy, but the odds of me passing by that one randomly are pretty slim.

Upon entering this Piola Pizza place, I was quickly reminded of their other location, the decor seemed the same, and the staff seemed as uninterested :-). Eventually we were seated, even though the place wasn't very crowded. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the air conditioning didn't seem to work properly, and if it was working as good as it could, I feel awful and can understand why the staff was so slow to move.

Eventually the waitress who came to take our order arrived. She had a harsh Russian accent, as it seems most of Hallandale Beach has nowadays. We each placed our order and she wandered away. I got a plain like always. No sooner than we got our drinks, the pizza arrived.  One thing you can never say about Piola, is that your pizza took too long to cook. The ovens are burning the wood hot, and once the pie arrived it was easy to see they are set to the right temperature.

The pizza was delicious, just like their South Beach location. The crust was super thin, and mighty crispy. The lightly applied sauce was sweet and smooth. The cheese was of the freshest variety and was still oozing like I had my own mini volcano pizza in front of me. The pie was almost good enough to have a second.

Piola Pizza in Hallandale is a safe bet if you are in the area, and could quite possibly be the best pizza in Hallandale Beach. We shall see if they earn that title going forward.

Most Memorable:

Speed of cooking

Taste of cheese

Crispiness of crust

Least Memorable:


Temperature of establishment

Bread is just left out at a serving station

Piola Pizza in Hallandale gets 6 out of 8 slices

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  • 1703 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard Hallandale Beach, FL 33009