Pies & Pints Pizza Charleston, WV

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Pies & Pints Pizza Charleston, WV

Posted By: Travis
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Found myself traveling through the State of West Virginia for work the other day. Wasn't expecting much since most of what the television shows discuss about West Virginia solely deals with the Hatfields and McCoys. I was staying in Charleston, WV and got the urge to wander out and try some of the local fare.

I noticed a place called Pies & Pints Pizzeria on Capitol Street and being the pizza lover I am, it seemed only reasonable that I would go in an try it out for the site. Doesn't seem like WorstPizza has many reviews from this State.

Pies & Pints Pizzeria was quite nice inside. The interior possessed a great look. Very hip, with extremely tall ceilings. There was plenty of seating for everyone, and the entire staff here was remarkably friendly. Pies & Pints also boasts a fantastic beer selection.

Since I couldn't decide which pizza I wanted, I ordered two of them. Pies & Pints has 10'' and 16'' pies at reasonable prices.  The Classic Pie is exactly what is sounds like.  Sauce on the top, sausage, mozzarella underneath both, and a very good and dense crust.  It is thin crust and is crispy.  I was told the pepperoni and sausage was made in house but the meat was not local.  The only downside to this pizza was the juices fled to the middle and made the center soggy.  Other than that the pie was great and I enjoyed every bit of it.

I also tried the Margherita Pie. It was extremely good tasting.  The crust was baked to a nice crisp, which I like.  There was an evenly layer of sauce and mozzeralla and of course the crust looked thick around the edges but was very dense.  This time the center was not soggy much like the Classic Pie, which leads me to believe that is really depends on the pie you want to go with.

For the city this pizza place is in, and seeing how crowded this place was after the work hours, I can definitely say I would come back again.


Pies & Pints Pizzeria in Charleston, WV gets  6 of 8 Slices

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