Peter’s Pizza Colleyville Texas Outside Dallas

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Peter’s Pizza Colleyville Texas Outside Dallas

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peters_pizza.jpgpeterspizza.jpgMy trip to Dallas appeared to start off good, when my host ordered in Peter's Pizza for lunch. Peter's seems to have a few locations around the Dallas suburbs, and this one came from their Colleyville location on 5003 Colleyville Blvd. 682.325.4046.

When the pie first arrived I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised that it actually looked decent.  On previous visits to Dallas, I have had horrible pizza experiences.  Naturally, I thought the worst before I even opened the box.  My previous experiences in Dallas were so awful in fact, that I almost opted to get Whataburger instead.  Yup, that is right, the pizza guy almost chose burgers instead of pizza, just to be safe.

This pie however, looked promising at first.  The cheese looked perfectly melted and rationed.  There wasn't an overwhelming amount of sauce, or chunky pieces by the edges. It didn't shift and get totally ruined during its delivery.  My first bite into this pizza was really good.  That was until I felt the tomato peel stuck to my tooth.  I casually turned around and picked it out of my tooth, and laid it into a napkin.  This move was so classy and smooth, that my host didn't even notice that I had done it.  Talk about being a professional pizza taster.

The crust tasted fine, and still had some crisp to it, and the cheese wasn't the worst it could be, considering the surroundings.  The sole issue here is the sauce.  Peter, if you could take a little more care and pride in your sauce, you might actually have something decent going on here.  Especially compared to the rest of the pizza choices in the area.  For some reason you claim on your 1995 looking website (one of the worst websites I have seen) that you have Hand tossed New York styled pizza.  Let me assure you as someone who has had their fair share of New York styled pizza, that there was nothing New York or stylish about your taste.  Maybe it is New York inspired pizza, but please do not fool your fellow Texans into believing that there is a special tossing by hand that makes your pizza New Yorkish.

I was thinking that after you perfected your sauce that you could have some great Texas style pizza, and that I might even consider you one of the best that the Colleyville suburb had to offer (after getting tomato peel out).  After reading that you want to be New York style, I guess I will have to keep looking for the Best in Texas.

And customers, when you go to visit their website you will be shocked how awful it is.  Really guys, you should try to spend more then fifty bucks to get a site done.  Put a little care into your site, and people will think you put some care into your pizza.

Peter's Pizzeria in Colleyville, Texas, gets 4 out of 8 slices

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