Perrini’s Pizza Boca Raton Finally Gets a Makeover

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Perrini’s Pizza Boca Raton Finally Gets a Makeover

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img_0583Perrini's Pizza in West Boca Raton has long been known as a decent pizza place, but the kind of place that should have a sign saying Eat At Your Own Risk.  The place was pretty much a pig sty, with bugs once landing in my soda.  That is incidentally when I stopped eating there.

Prior to the bug landing incident, my son used to pick this place as a baby because they used to let him draw photos and hang them on the wall with the other gross photos that used to hang there until the paper started to shrivel from age.  Then after the drawing they used to give the kids free Italian Ices!  Perrini's certainly knew how to market to their child crowd, who in turn made their parents take them to eat here.

The pizza, was never that bad, and had great potential if you could get past the atmosphere.  I guess the owner finally got the hint and has finally decided to redo the awful decor inside.  Let's hope this cleans the place up and gives it a more comfortable layout.

Rumors have been flying in to WorstPizza HQ that Pirinis might take over Peace a pizza in Boca Raton.  We cannot confirm this yet, but will keep you informed as we hear more.  Since in our opinion Peace a Pizza stinks, we look forward to the change should it be true.

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