Patio Pizza and Caligiuri’s St. James New York

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Patio Pizza and Caligiuri’s St. James New York

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Patiopizza.jpgMy sister seems to like to order from Patio pizza and since I have only had take out up to date, I thought it would be wise to finally stop in and grab a slice. A lot of people new to the area might think that Caligiuri's Restaurant and Patio Pizza are not the same place. They are actually connected inside and the restaurant portion is called Caligiuri's, while the pizza place is called Patio Pizza.

My father and I went into grab a slice after stopping by Matt's Pizza down the block and walking out. The pizza at Matt's just looked gross and unfresh, so I didn't dare to try a slice at that time. Patio Pizza immediately asked me what I wanted when I walked in the door. It was like I didn't even have a chance to look at the slices before some guy said "what can I get for ya". I ended up choosing a Sicilian slice since I felt like all three guys behind the counter were staring at me wondering what I would choose.

While waiting for the slice I discovered that Patio Pizza has been in business for 32 years, so my expectations were high. Usually a place cannot survive this long if they don't have quality pizza. Or it survives cause the other places around it are so bad, and the community doesn't want to travel outside their immediate area. I have a feeling the latter is the more probably case with Patio Pizza.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the slice, was how much sauce it had spilling over. Sauce was dripping everywhere making a huge mess. I lifted up the cheese to see what was underneath it to reveal what looked like an ocean of sauce, infested with tomato peel. I thought I might have to call in Moses to part it for me! Although it was overloaded with this sauce, the sauce wasn't too bad after I removed all the pieces of peel in it. It has a nice sweet smooth taste in certain parts.

The cheese did not taste of the highest quality, and at $2.50 a slice I expected to taste Grande or something. The crust was nice and crisp & the dough was soft inside. So if I had to improve something on this pizza it would be the cheese they are using. If I had to improve something about the staff, it would be to let customers look for a second and feel comfortable.

Patio Pizza gets 4 out of 8 slices.

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