Papa John’s Maybe The Pizza is a Failure and Not The iPhone App

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Papa John’s Maybe The Pizza is a Failure and Not The iPhone App

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papajohns.pngJim McDonnell, who is a marketing manager for some emerging division at Papa John's Pizza divulged to attendees at the OMMA Mobile Conference that their iPhone App was basically a failure.  He stated that he didn't "see anything that really delivers for us as well as mobile display advertising."  He further elaborated that due to the very little success their iPhone app had, that they will not look to expand to other mobile platforms.

What made me laugh about the situation is that Papa John's does not even have an actual app for download in the iPhone app store, but rather just a mobile web site (or web app).  As Read Write Web says "Oh no! The iPhone doesn't deliver? Businesses take heed? Well, that's what it sounds like. Except there's just one small problem here: Papa John's doesn't have an iPhone app - they have a mobile web site."

Either way in my eyes, they shouldn't be assuming that their web versions aren't successful because of lack of mobile interest.  They should just come to the realization that their pizza is awful, and perhaps people wouldn't care if it were mobile or non-mobile.  Crap is crap.

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