Panaretto Pizza #pizzatweetup Fort Lauderdale

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Panaretto Pizza #pizzatweetup Fort Lauderdale

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in Fort Lauderdale. We had close to 75 pizza lovers show up to taste some of the pizza that Fabio servers over at his fine establishment.  If you haven't tried Panaretto's, you are doing yourself an injustice, as the food here is delightful.

Fabio (the owner) put out a spread of almost every pizza he makes on the menu, plus garlic bread, and dessert shots. Although the pizza was slow to arrive at the beginning, and it seemed that no matter how fast the pies were taken out of the oven, they seemed to disappear, it was safe to say that everyone got more then enough food by the end of the evening.  Always baffles me that people run to the first pies and take like 3 slices for themselves, without leaving any for anyone else to try.  We have UNLIMITED pizza at these events for free, so pace yourself people and let others who might also be hungry eat.

Personally I thought the Ciabatta bread Sicilian style was the best of the evening, what did you guys think?  Leave a comment below.

Although we were only supposed to have 55 people at this event, we quickly had 75 RSVP before I could stop it.  We still had about 40 on the waiting list, so by the looks of it, I think we all started something special.  These events are not only made awesome from the great free pizza we get to eat, but are mainly so amazing due to the people who attend these.  I have made some of my closest friendships from #pizzatweetup, and by the looks of it, so have dozens of others.  So I want to personally thank those people who come to these events with no agenda, and just want to have fun.

Huge thanks out to @autonation @ultimatecarwash @adiffdesigner @floridaprinters @yellowdog_01 @notorioususb @thedotmack and Ankit Earphones for the incredibly generous raffle prizes.  @panaretto gave out over 10 $20 gift certificates as well as all the free food!

I also want to point out what community is about.  @agustinap won the Flip Video Cam from @yellowdog_01 and was generous enough to let someone else win it since she already had one.  That is the definition of what being a part of a community is folks.  Not being selfish and not putting conditions onto things that benefit the community.

By the way, since some people want to put conditions on what photos they allow me to post, and how I post them, and where I link to, I am thinking about making them get approval to have a camera next time.  If they do not want to share their photos to the other people in the community who attend the events, without stipulations, then they will incur stipulations as well and not be entitled to attend and/or take photos.

Thanks to @adiffdesigner @jarret23 and @vanessamontes for sharing their photos unconditionally with me from the event. Here they are!

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