OIP Pizza Boca Raton Near FAU

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OIP Pizza Boca Raton Near FAU

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Not to be confused with the other OIP - Original Italian Pizza, which is located out east in Boca Raton, this OIP is located just outside the campus of Florida Atlantic University, in the research park. Prior to being OIP, this location housed Rock City Pizza (or something like that, I never got around to trying it before they closed) and prior to that it was Annie's Pizza which was pretty good.

I always imagined that this has to be one of the toughest locations in Boca Raton to open a pizza joint. As I previously stated in the Annie's review a while back, "Nestled between the Boca Raton airport and a bunch of research companies is this surprisingly busy pizza shop". You literally could pass this place a hundred times and not know it was behind the building that faces the street. Anyways, Annie's Pizza did a nice business there and built it up to a point where they could sell it, which didn't work out so well for the new owners. OIP must have came along and scooped this location up in hopes that the new FAU Football stadium and traffic would help build a pizza business.

When we entered OIP Pizza by FAU in Boca Raton, not much had changed since the previous owners. Perhaps there was a new counter of some rocky tile or something, but that is pretty much all I personally noticed. I ordered the two slice special with a fountain drink for $6.00, but after I paid the young counter girl told me to take a can of soda out of the fridge. It was only then that I came to realize the fountain was broken, and there were no refills on cans. In my opinion they should have told me this before I ordered since I probably wouldn't have chosen the special if it was with a can only. Poor communication from the counter staff.

When my slices came out they were huge. At $6.00 for the two slices and a soda, this is certainly not the best special in town, as you can find the same special for $5.00 elsewhere. But with slices these big, two people could split the special and be potentially full.

When I held this enormous slice up to my mouth, I was quite impressed with how well the crust held up. This was a heavy slice with plenty of cheese and yet it was cooked right and didn't fall apart. The sauce was decent at best, but the cheese was very good. Tasted like they used a quality blend here. Although crispy, the crust had a somewhat bland taste to it. I will add OIP by FAU to my list of places to eat a good slice at, when I don't feel like having the annoyance of a server.

In my opinion, the OIP out east was better than this location, but I do not think you could go wrong with either.

OIP Pizza in Boca Raton by FAU, gets 5 out of 8 slices.

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