O Sole Mio Pizza Stony Brook Long Island

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O Sole Mio Pizza Stony Brook Long Island

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img_0613Went with Joe to get some Italian food and ended up at a place called O Sole Mio Pizza in Stony Brook.  Even though we went to get pasta, I had to try a slice for an appetizer.

I gotta tell you, my previous experiences at this place have been much better then tonight.  Maybe it was because it was a corner slice and since we split the slice in half, I got stuck with the crust and little pizza?  But the sauce tasted very off tonight.

In the past Sole Mio (which also owns other pizza places locally) has had a really delicious slice, with crispy crust and soft inside.  Just didn't get that vibe tonight.  The crust was almost like over cooked and was hard to bite into.  Once I finally did bite into the slice it was tough to chew.  The cheese tasted great, but I am thinking they used some old dough to cook this sliced pie, and had it sitting out on the counter for too long.  I will definitely go back to this place, since I cannot let one bad experience out of many good experiences ruin my taste for O Sole Mio.

I will give O Sole Mio 4 out of 8 slices for this visit.

Also:  This place has a website that is totally awful as well.  Why does every place I eat at seem to think they can attract business with websites that a 9 year old could build better.  Please contact me for a need it!

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