Nino’s Ownership Change Doesn’t Affect Pizza

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Nino’s Ownership Change Doesn’t Affect Pizza

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Italian Restaurant in Boca Raton today. After hearing bad things about the pizza since the change of ownership, we decided it was best left into the hands of experts to decide whether or not things have changed.

We ordered 1 regular pie, and one Sicilian pie. Both came out hot and tasty, and I didn't notice anything different about the pizza, except the positive differentiator of having more cheese on the Sicilian then they used to put. Anyone who claims Nino's Pizza tastes differently, is obviously someone from the original crew who split up and are trying to bad mouth the establishment. Just because Nino's Pizzaria's website totally sucks, does not mean the pizza sucks. If I were Nino's, I would use a photo of my actual pizza instead of some generic istock photo that they have on the front page of their website. It is very unappetizing, and your regular pizza looks light years better.

The verdict is still out on whether or not the original crew and current owners of the Boca Raton location are remaining friendly, but their website still shows the Delray Beach location where the original crew went, so perhaps it was more amicable then early reports said. I will give Nino's in Boca Raton 6 out of 8 slices. Should probably be a 5 but I haven't had anything good to compare it to recently.

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