Nicky’s Pizza Savannah, GA

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Nicky’s Pizza Savannah, GA

Posted By: Mad Greek
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Far, far away in one of the oldest cities in America, lies a little pizzeria called Nicky's. It is off the beat and path, about 10 mins or so from downtown Savannah in the city's Garden City district. You might be asking yourself by now... what is the Mad Greek doing in the middle of nowhere chowing down on a slice of Nicky's, reheated pepperoni pizza?

Is he lost, and looking for helping being located? Is he trying to find the county of Hazzard? Or is he is feeding his addiction to finding the perfect 8 for 8 slice in America. I'd go with the latter of the three. Unfortunately, Nicky's did score an 8, but don't lose hope, it was pretty damn good considering.

It should be noted that the slice had the admirable qualities that one wants when feeding a pizza craving.The pizza at Nicky's is a classic thin crust Neapolitan with Grande Cheese and a fresh pepperoni topping that met the standard of a quality slice of pizza, especially one that was reheated.

On the walls of this establishment were photographs of two of the most notable pizzerias in the U.S., both of which have been rated and well documented by The pictures of John's of Bleeker Street and Lombardi's of Spring Street, both New York landmarks, prove that the ownership of Nicky's proudly gives homage to the craft and quality of fine New York style pizza. But photos aren't enough to make a slice good.

So far from home and having been transported miles off course by the Pizza God Abeetz, I took my first bite of Nicky's pepperoni Pizza and found it to be incredibly good. While not an 8, getting a solid 5 proves that it isn't always about the water in New York.

On finishing my slice, I watched the staff, close to closing, pull a fresh multi-topping, classic New York style sicilian pie out and serve it to a table of four. I wanted to run over and grab one to go.

If you're ever in the area (especially of you're a New Yorker driving home from Florida), jump off I-95, and take the 16 five miles to the Garden City exit. Take a right and head south a few blocks, and get yourself some fresh or even reheated pizza at Nicky's.

Nicky's Pizza in Savannah, Georgia gets 5 out of 8 solid slices

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