Nick’s New Haven Pizza Boca Raton, FL

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Nick’s New Haven Pizza Boca Raton, FL

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Well over a year ago, a fellow foodie and I went to try Nick's New Haven Style Pizza in Lake Worth, when it was still located downtown. Maybe it was just the time of day we went, or maybe the fact we had several pizzas before we got there, but neither of us were impressed with Nick's Pizza or apizza (as they call it) at all. Eventually they closed the Lake Worth location, and decided to open instead in Boca Raton, since the crowd here must know even less about pizza than they did in Lake Worth (or they would have remained opened there). I mean, open a fancy place in Boca Raton, spend lots of money, put some cute girls behind the bar and hostess stand, and voila, a place has to succeed.

A couple of guys and I went to Nick's New Have Style Pizza during the first week it opened at its new Boca Raton location, just to try the pizza out first. Initially we ordered a plain pie and hoped for the best.

There is no doubt that Nick's New Haven Pizza spared no expense on remodeling the place, as it was decorated immaculately. They really took their time making this pizza joint an inviting and comfortable setting. To the west end of the restaurant is their enormous Pizza ovens, which left me salivating for the pizza that was about to come out.

When the pizza came out during my first visit at Nick's New Have Style Pizza, we were all in shock. This pizza didn't have cheese, it was just sauce and dough. None of us understood since we all heard me order a plain pie. Well the plain pie at Nick's New Haven Pizza is actually plain, so you must be very careful. It is the only thing that comes plain and without some fancy unneeded dressing (fried mozz Hint Hint). We asked the waiter what was up with this pizza, and he showed us on the menu that Nick's has a plain pie, and it says it right there in clear print. We failed to notice this and just said a plain pie, so be careful when ordering here and make sure you ask what comes on every item you order, since they seem to sprinkle stuff all over everything.

None of us loved this plain pie we ordered, but I didn't let that stop me. One day Matt's Pizza asked me if I wanted to go meet him and his daughter there, and I did. This time I ordered the pizza with cheese, and began to wait. When the pie came out, I was LESS than impressed with it. I actually didn't really care for it at all, and decided that Nick's New Haven is 0-2, and not a place I would want to try again.

Then out of nowhere Andy tells me he went there with his family and loved the pizza and food he had eaten, and that I must be nuts for disliking it. Since in the back of my head, I thought he was the crazy one for actually liking it, we decided to go try it together, and I gotta say, I am sure glad I did.

We ordered a pizza off their "white pie" section of the menu on the back. We got a pie with Mootz, oil, garlic and added meatballs. When the pie came out, it looks absolutely marvelous. My first bite proved it to be fantastic. It was oily and possessing a fruitful taste, with a nice mix of some fresh Mootz (they have to try to be cute with this) and some awesome tasting charred crust. The meatballs were tasty and it made for an all around excellent pie. It is fair to note that this is the only pie I would personally get there, at least in my opinion. The plain pie and the cheese pie both come with a sauce that I find less than desirable at Nick's New Haven in Boca Raton. Stick with the pie I just ordered. I have since gone back again to double check it, and it was equally as good.

Some other points to note: The pizza here is not cheap. Our pie with no sauce came out to $23.00 (it was $20.50 the other time...odd), which I feel is a bit high! Also your finger nails will get filthy with the char from the oven as you eat this pizza.

Nick's New Have Pizza in Boca Raton gets 7 out of 8 slices for this pie pictured above and ONLY this pie pictured above.

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