Napoli Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Napoli Pizza Boynton Beach, FL

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Across from Santaluces High School  is a new pizza place that replaced Dom and Louie's named Napoli Pizza. Since my son was wrestling at a tournament across the street, I took a walk and decided to try some of the pizza here. Dom and Louie's actually wasn't a bad slice so I was sad to hear they couldn't make it in this location. It had all the makings of a winning place. Booths when you walked in, a counter where you ordered from, and you could actually dine here without the nuisance or slowdown of a server.

Immediately upon entering Napoli Pizza it became evident that the layout had changed. Although they still had some booths against the west wall, there were now tables with chairs in the center and a big long un-needed bar along the east wall. Guess what? Yup.... now there was a server who asked me to sit down in order to get my 1, yes 1 slice of pizza. ARRRRRGH

So I sat down and waited for her to go get me a menu, which wasn't necessary since I just wanted one slice and a soda. Then she came back and placed the menu on the table and walked away. After doing some other things, she came back and asked me what I wanted. Just one slice and a coke with no ice, I said. She said "just cheese", and reluctantly I agreed. I felt like saying "no just dough".She looked annoyed and walked away. If anyone was annoyed, it should be the customers who were forced to have a server bring them a simple slice of pizza.

While waiting for my slice I wondered what would make an owner of a pizzeria located directly across from a busy high school have servers during the day. This completely negates any chance of kids coming in after school to just grab a slice and sit down. Sometimes I wish Pizzeria owners had to take a marketing class before they were allowed to open.

The slice came out and I was impressed with its size. It had screen markings embedded in the bottom crust, but was nicely crisp. The bubbles weren't popped, but the slice was thin and held up beautifully. The sauce had a strange taste, but I am not sure how to correct it other than making it sweeter and less sour. The cheese was my favorite part of this slice, but the crust tasted decent as well.

Napoli Pizza in Boynton Beach gets 5 out of 8 slices. If this pizza place was located in Long Island I would have only given it 4.

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  • 3930 Hypoluxo Rd Boynton Beach, FL 33436-8508